A football player's gotta eat!

Hollywood & Football stars Kenny Britt and Rodger Saffold get their grub on at Pink's Hot Dogs in this sneak peek from Wednesday's series premiere. But before they can dig in, the pro athletes have their first encounter with the paparazzi while waiting in line!

"You got to be careful around these paparazzi people," Rodger's wife, Asia Saffold, says in their confessional. "These people could be setting you up."

Rodger agrees. "All I need is one article for her to be like, 'What is this?'" he says, joking, "'I…I don't know. We were talking about chicken and then he started asking me about co-eds."

However, as soon as the cameras leave, it's time to get back to the business of hot dogs.

"How many are you going to have?" Kenny's brother asks him.

"I'm going for three," he replies.

"I've got to watch my weight," Rodger, an L.A. Rams offensive guard, admits. "I can't. You know what I'm saying?"

But that still doesn't stop him from ordering up three chili cheese dogs, a Lord of the Rings dog and a Philly cheesesteak dog!

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