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Travis Kelce better keep it nice and tight because this girl isn't playing any games!

In this clip from Wednesday's upcoming episode of Catching Kelce, six ladies join him for a group date at 24 Hour Fitness while he films a workout commercial. In between shots, he pulls each girl aside for some one-on-one time. But his conversation with personal trainer Lolo gets extremely awkward as she interrogates on his exercise preferences.

"So, I'm going to hit you with a tough question," she tells him, before asking, "Do you like group fitness? This might be a trick question."

"What kind of fitness are we talking about here?" he cheekily responds.

After she clarifies that she meant group fitness classes, he replies, "Why wouldn't I? I feel like they're fun."

Lolo is relieved by that answer and then wonders if he prefers cardio or weights. Unfortunately, he disappoints her by choosing cardio because she's a woman who loves her weights.

She follows it up with the most crucial question of all. "Do you do the elliptical?" she asks.

"No, I don't do the elliptical," Travis replies. Whew!

"OK, good! That's like a major deal breaker!" Lolo says. "I do have a lot of qualifications. That's why I've been single for so long." Ya think?

"That was a very interesting conversation," Travis says afterward. "The problem is I actually do love the elliptical!" Whoops!