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"Thank you Lord! ... I take that back!" —Sawyer

We don't take anything back: Thank you Lord! Tonight's episode of Lost was a veritable museum of Lost awesomeness, made slightly imperfect by the absence of Desmond-Penny action, but otherwise magnificent.

If you haven't watched yet, flash back to your TV and find out what happened. If you've seen it, strap yourself to a piece of wreckage and get in here!

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Ben's Lawyer Is a Liar Too! Holy mackerel, Jack almost gave away the store to Carole Littleton when he mentioned Aaron, because despite a nicely laid-out red herring (placed in Kate's path by either the writers or Ben, depending on how you look at it), it was not Claire's mom who wanted Aaron, it was Ben all along. And it, of course, Ben didn't really want Aaron so much as he wanted to trick Kate into a fight-or-flight panic, flushing her out into the open where she was that much more vulnerable to his wiles. Even though individual elements have failed—the Kate legal attack, the visit to Hurley—it would seem that Ben is largely achieving his goals, and the Oceanic Six are coming together…Can it be much longer before the gang returns the Island?

Take Me To Your Leader: Is anyone else a little disoriented by the struggle for control of the Oceanic Six? In the old days Jack was the undisputed leader and everyone trusted his rule without question, but now even Kate has qualms, and there are several other qualified contenders for the boss job: Sayid, who is capable of everything; Sun, a paragon of indomitable strength; and Ben, who didn't get where he is today by being a wallflower. Who would be the boss of you? Post in the comments.

Vive la France! Danielle and her baby daddy saved Jin OMG!  The late, great Danielle and Alex Rousseau have saved the Losties once again. (Alex was a hero before she was even born!) These "flashpresents" are turning out to be a wonderful boon for showing, rather than telling, the history of the Island. We saw the crash of Yemi's plane, we learned the U.S. Army once made a beachhead on the Island, and now we're seeing Danielle's shipwrecked scientific-research expedition, meeting her much-discussed lovah Robert and getting a glimpse of Alex when she was just a wee bump, before she was wrested from Danielle's arms by bizarrofish Ben. (This is a fish-themed Redux. See above re mackerel and herring.) Bonus prize: The unsinkable Jin Kwon is alive (holler!), and it's only a matter of time before he is flashed right back into the arms of the Losties and then the woman he loves. Season five, I think I shall like you…

What's Done Is Done: Lost Island has been called Redemption Island, but isn't interesting that on a show with time travel, our heroes are declining to go back and change the past? If they are to redeem themselves, it must be done looking to the future, and not by dwelling upon or meddling in the past. Locke is barreling forward, and Sawyer didn't have anything to say to Kate circa Day 41 (when Boone died and Aaron was born), he's waiting to talk to her in the future if she's still alive. That's just…sensible. Can you believe it?

Nosebleed Seats: Just for those of you keeping score at home, Faraday thinks nosebleeds are related to time-on-Island. Charlotte is an Island native, so that explains her health problems, and Juliet's been stranded for years as an unhappy Other, so that explains hers, but what about Miles? His nosebleed would seem to give credence to the theory that he's Marvin Candle's son...

Ajira Airways: If you're the type of fan who pays attention to online games and puzzles you may have already heard of Ajira Airways, which was introduced earlier this year in subliminal video messages and has even has a website. Tonight we got our first hint about what the airline means to the show—someone with an Ajira water bottle came to the island in what appears to be a Polynesian-influenced dugout canoe. But who are they? And when are they?

Matthew Fox, Lost

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This Is a Relationship Business: Since love is all around in this episode—Jate and Skate both had their moments—it's only right to check in with the Lost lonelyhearts and see who's still crushing on whom…

  • Among other things, it seems like Kate's still a bit wary of Jack after the end of their engagement and his slightly freaky drug-addled stalker phase, but as always, she gives the man a chance. (Is she compassionate or codependent? Post in the comments.)
  • Sawyer was positively lovestruck at the sight of Day 41!Kate, but he's also teetering along the edge of something that looks a lot like romantic hopelessness. The only that keeps him going would seem to be Juliet, with whom he's been happily partnered with since the Island moved. If you ask me, Juliet and Sawyer are too busy becoming birds-of-a-feather BFF to really get down and dirty, but tell me if I'm seeing it wrong. (Romantic aside: Did anyone else think that Sawyer mentally adopted Aaron the minute he heard Day 41!Kate give that speech about how Claire's baby belongs to all of them?)
  • Last but not least: Sun and Jin. Is there anything Sun wouldn't do to get back to her man? Am I the only one who's concerned by her sidelong glances at Aaron? She wouldn't take advantage of her temporary custody and do something wicked like, oh, hold the kid hostage…right?

What did you think of "The Little Prince"? Love it? Loathe it? Post in the comments and then check back tomorrow for more Lost news. Until then: So long and thanks for all the fish!

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