Minions Trailer


Now that the many, many Minions billboards, posters, and other massive marketing items have been taken down, it's time to talk about this Despicable Me spin-off/prequel.

Screen Junkies' latest Honest Trailer is doing a deep dive to understand why these adorable characters may not have been ready to have their own movie.

"Get ready for a minions origin story that doesn't even tell you what a minion is," says the trailer's narrator.

Minions doesn't really answer any questions about the minions' languages, sexes, eyes and goggles, or anything else that makes up the simple character traits of a minion.

They like saying "banana!" a lot. What more do we need to know?

"In 90 minutes of lazy gags that makes Cars 2 look like the beginning of Up," the movie drops weird 1960s references that kids don't understand and gives Steve Carell's Gru a small cameo to make room for a new character no one cares about.

There aren't really any lessons for young people here, and the film's death toll is pretty extensive, but again... the minions love saying "banana!" How cute is that?!

Maybe next time just stick with toys and skip making a movie? But thanks for all those Minions memes!

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