Trevor Noah

Dominic Barnardt/Gallo Images/Getty Images for MTV

With great power comes great responsibility...and a great chair. 

Comedy Central just released its first promo for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and, we have to say, it contains a whole lot more ass than we were anticipating. 

The 30-second spot features Noah walking in to a Kanye West song, naturally, to take his place at one of the most well-respected desks in comedy, which was only recently vacated by one of the most well-respected names in comedy. 

Watch the ad below! 

Of course, some adjustments had to be made to accomodate the 6-foot-1 South African comic due to the six-inch height difference between him and previous host Jon Stewart, but in the end it looks like a pretty good fit. 

However, to be quite honest with you, if we were Jon Stewart, we would have taken our chair with us when we left. We would have also taken everything else on that set and installed it in our house, but that's just overly sentimental us. 

A-plus ad, Mr. Noah. We look forward to seeing more of you. 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres Sept. 28 on Comedy Central. 

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