Jon Stewart Moves On From The Daily Show...To the WWE! Check Out His New Gig

Jon Stewart will host the WWE's Summerslam on Sunday, August 23

By Lauren Piester Aug 18, 2015 12:27 AMTags
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Goodbye Daily Show, hello...wrestling? 

Jon Stewart may have retired barely two weeks ago from his 16 year stint as host of The Daily Show, but he's already got his next job lined up, and it's not exactly what you were expecting.

Stewart will host the WWE's 2015 SummerSlam this Sunday, following up on his ongoing feud with WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins

The annual SummerSlam will be broadcast live on the WWE network starting at 7 p.m. eastern on Sunday, August 23, following a preshow starting at 6 p.m. eastern, and will last for four hours. 

So if you've been missing Stewart in your life, as we all certainly have been, get ready for a lot of him, plus wrestling. Obviously. 

We guess it makes sense at this point for Stewart to do literally whatever he wants with his newfound free time, especially considering that he's a longtime fan of WWE, and this is a pretty darn good use of that free time. 

We're truly happy for you, Jon Stewart, now that you can finally follow your true dreams. 

In that spirit, we've compiled a list of other things we'd genuinely like to see Jon Stewart do now that he's retired: 

Livetweet CW shows with William Shatner 
Compete on American Ninja Warrior
Host SNL
Become a Vine star
Get in a Twitter feud with Miley Cyrus
Start a vlog
Have a Starbucks drink named after him
Start a fashion line for frat guys called "The Daily Bro" 
Be a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert every single day
Write a guest column for Cosmo
Instagram pictures of his food
Troll Trevor Noah from the rafters of the Daily Show studio
Host a nationwide dance party
Sit in our kitchens ready to provide 24/7 opinions on current events, while we provide food in return
Star in a Kardashian-style reality show about his family 
Campaign in the 2016 election as Donald Trump's running mate
Binge-watch You're the Worst, just because it's a really great show 

But really, this is going to be the best SummerSlam that ever summer slammed, and we can't wait to spend five hours watching it. 

WWE's SummerSlam airs this Sunday, August 23 at 7 p.m., with a preshow airing at 6 p.m. eastern on WWE Network. 

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