In a deleted scene from last night's I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner's gal-pals poke fun at her "natural" thermometers!

During the girls' trip to San Francisco, the ladies hang out on the balcony of their rental home but the cold weather is a little too much for Cait's boobs to handle.

"Let's go roller-skating! Come on, girls!" the 65-year-old reality star stars as she walks out into the frigid air. "God it's freezing out here!"

"We can tell!" Caitlyn's friend Jen Richards teases in reference to her nipples.

"It's really freezing," Cait adds.

Later, the ladies warm up inside the house. "You don't look so cold now," Jenny Boylan teases Cait.

"No I'm much better now. It was freezing out there," Cait adds.

"It's a nice little thermostat you have," Richards jokes.

"The natural [way]!" Cait cracks. LOL!

Watch the two bonus clips from last night's I Am Cait now!

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