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After the hit Arrow and The Flash two-night crossover event this fall, could you handle a super crossover event across two completely different networks?

Now that CBS is getting in on the superhero TV show trend with its upcoming hour-long drama Supergirl, fans have been wondering if that means that CBS and CW will team up in the future and host a crossover event surrounding their shared DC Comics universe.

But enough fan speculation! We went straight to the people in charge to find out if a Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash crossover could actually happen.


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Bottom line: don't get your hopes up. Both CBS boss Nina Tassler and Supergirl/Arrow/The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg made it clear that there are no plans in place to make that dream a reality. At least, not this season.

"We have not had conversations about the crossovers but we are doing crossover promotions," Tassler said at the 2015 Summer TCA press tour. "So you will see promotional crossovers [between those shows] but not with the characters."

When E! News caught up with Kreisberg after the panel for Supergirl, he revealed that they're not even thinking of Supergirl sharing the same universe like they do with Arrow and The Flash (and upcoming spinoff DC's Legends of Tomorrow).



"Right now there are no specific plans [for a crossover]," Kreisberg tells E! News. "Right now, Supergirl is its own show. I don't know what will happen in the future or whatever legal stuff has to happen as they're across two different networks. Right now, we're really happy with what we call the Arrow-verse, which is Arrow, The Flash and Legends. And we're just trying to make Supergirl the best show it can be on its own."

And when asked if Supergirl will have references to cities or characters on the CW shows, Kreisberg shook his head.

"No," Kreisberg says. "Right now all you hear about on Supergirl is National City and Metropolis, and we're keeping it separate from the Arrow universe."

Okay, so does that mean that the biggest name to come out of Metropolis, aka Superman, will show up on the CBS series? Superman is Kara's (Melissa Benoist) cousin, after all!

"He will be a factor in her life but you won't see him exactly on screen," DC Comics boss Geoff Johns says.

So...maybe we'll get to see him in season 10? Hey, we can dream!

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