Just call us Sherlock Holmes, because we just solved TV's biggest mystery!

MTV's Scream may be throwing us for a loop every single week when it comes to figuring out who's killing all the teens in town, so we got the not-at-all unattractive cast to sit down with us at Comic-Con in San Diego to give us some straight answers...and we went right for the jugular. Who's the terrifying new Ghostface? 

Sure, they wouldn't exactly tell us the identity of the murderer point blank—because seriously, where's the fun in that?!—but we did get to study each and every one of their poker faces when we asked them if they were the killer. Check out their hilarious poker faces below!

Scream Cast, Comi-Con

Are you the killer? Series star Willa Fitzgerald, who plays good girl Emma, gave a few different guilty looks before settling on this one. But since Ghostface is obsessed with Emma's mom and her, we're going to go with a hard no on this one. Unless she's just really vain?!

Verdict: Innocent

Scream Cast, Comi-Con

Are you the killer? Connor Weil, who plays Emma's cheating boyfriend Will, gave this evasive look, refusing to meet our eyes. Suspicious...especially since he and Emma are on rocky terms right now.

Verdict: Questionable

Scream Cast, Comi-Con

Are you the killer? Amadeus Serafini, who plays mysterious-yet-hot new guy Kieran, confidently looked right at us. We don't know much about Emma's new love interest, but we do know we're crushing on him hardcore, so we hope he's not the killer!

Verdict: Possibly guilty

Scream Cast, Comi-Con

Are you the killer? John Karna, who plays horror genre enthusiast Noah, gave us the "speak no evil" monkey face emoji, so we're taking that as a pretty clear indication: we found the killer!

Verdict: Guilty!

Think we're right? Or are we totally off? Hit the comments section below to let us know who you think the killer is!

And press play on our exclusive video below to get a sneak peek at tonight's all-new episode!


Scream airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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