Chace Crawford, Mug shot

Plano Police Department

Way to harsh our mellow!

When word broke that Chace Crawford had been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and could possibly serve jail time, we couldn't help but think, "How stupid!" We all know that if Chacey-poo had been in good ol' naughty L.A., the judge wouldn't have batted an eye at his lonely joint.

So we've decided to honor C.C. with a celebration, rounding up T-town's other reefer lovers in a smokin'-hot gallery.

Chace isn't the only one in H'wood who enjoys lighting up from time to time—and it ain't just the young party crowd: Oscar winners, Grammy winners and even the president of the United States have fessed up to loving a lady named Mary Jane.

So grab your munchies, turn up the Bob Marley and take a look at our Hollywood Goes Up In Smoke! gallery.

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PHOTOS: Hollywood Goes Up in Smoke!

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