Lindsay Lohan never was one to mind her father.

Michael Lohan gave yet another press conference yesterday expressing his concerns about his troubled daughter.

"Lindsay is not OK. I think we've seen that and we all know that," he declared, adding that if her handlers didn't "get the hell out of the way," he would ensure that she received professional help "involuntarily." He also claims that she still reaches out to him and even called to talk about needing security after she fell into a cactus last week.

Of course, we all know what kind of pull the former Jon Gosselin bestie has with his 23-year-old. So how did she react to his public pleas for help?

Yeah, she didn't. Even her Twitter account has been mum on the situation. What did she do instead?

She went partying, of course! Take that, dad!

E! News cameras caught her arriving at Los Angeles hotspot Trousdale and leaving around 2 a.m. after closing the place down.

That'll show him!

Naturally, Dina Lohan fired back at her ex, telling reporters that her daughter was "fine" and pointing out that she still has a criminal protective order against him and that he's a year behind on his child support payments.

Michael tells E! News she's diverting from the real issue.

"What does child support have to do with saving our daughter's life?" he says.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum and Lindsay Miller


Some families (ahem) are infamous, while others are fabulously famous.

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