Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Zahara Jolie-Pitt


While Angelina Jolie is shooting The Tourist over in Paris, life partner Brad Pitt is tagging along and playing mommy and daddy to the brood, even hosting a girls' day out yesterday before visiting Angie on set.

Brad hung around while Jolie shot her café scene, and onlookers tell us as soon as she was wrapped, the pair rushed over to each other and had just the most romantic kiss ever—with a bank of 25 waiting paparazzi eagerly snapping away.

So, is Brangelina staging photo ops? Say it ain't so!

"Angie has been incredibly hurt about the nasty stories about her and has been upset at how much of a beating she gets in the press since her and Brad first got together," dishes a fed up member in Brangie's inner circle.

"Brad gets defensive because she couldn't be more different than this evil witch that she's portrayed as in some of the stories."

Our source continues: "Angie's a very kind, humble and a dedicated mom. And Brad wishes people would realize they're just a normal couple who love each other and their kids very much."

Hence, Brangelina realizes the power of a photograph, like this is something new. A once PDA-shy Pitt knows the money shots are the ones where he and Jolie are all lovey-dovey. They've gotta prove somehow that they are as happy as ever, ya know?

"Maddox is always on the internet with his laptop and they're worried that he or the other kids might Google and read crazy untrue stories about them splitting," stresses our source. "They try and make the kids feel as secure as they can."

Despite the sometimes moody Brangelina household, the kids seem to be extremely well behaved.

When Brad took Shiloh and Zahara clothes shopping yesterday at top French kids clothes store Le Bonpoint, fellow shopper Anne Hernon tells E! they were "adorable."

"They were picking out a couple of T-shirts and asking Brad politely if he could buy them for them," says Anne. "They seemed very polite and also said merci to the shop assistant as they left. Very cute."

Hey, we're glad that while Brad and Angie may have their troubles every now and then they know how to take care of their children.

 A lot more than Brooke Mueller or Charlie Sheen can say, eh?


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