Susan Boyle

AP Photo / Andrew Milligan ,PA

We build 'em up, gravity knocks 'em down.

According to the British tabloids, Susan Boyle fainted at London's Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, when she was waiting to board a flight en route to Nice.

So what went down? Other than, you know, SuBo.

According to the Daily Mail, the Britain's Got Talent star "collapsed" inside the British Airways Club Lounge. She received some brief medical attention and was allowed to board the plane. She went on to perform in Italy's San Remo Festival later that night, which the paper seems to think was particularly "brave" of her.

The Sun, meanwhile, did one better by getting a spokesman to confirm SuBo's dramatic overheating.

"Susan did faint at Heathrow as she overheated in the lounge because it was so warm. However, she is fine now and gave a fantastic performance at the festival."

Still, she may as well take advantage. If there's one star who can claim "exhaustion" and not raise eyebrows, it's her.


We probably won't be seeing SuBo in our Global Party Pics gallery anytime soon.

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