Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Knox, Vivienne **ONE TIME USE ONLY


The Brangelina clan recently set up shop in Venice, Italy, where Angelina Jolie is shooting The Tourist alongside Johnny Depp (who she'll inevitably be stealing away from his family after the two film some big shower sex scene).

While it appears the four oldest Jolie-Pitt children have already settled in and hit up the local ice cream shop, that's a sight we're fairly used to (although it was considerate of Shiloh to spice things up with her monkey hat). 

But look! It's the twins! The 19-month-old babies made a rare public appearance as their parents boarded a water taxi. We haven't gotten a look this good at Vivienne and Knox since this time last year, so you can imagine what a special day this is.

Hopefully the two will get to join the fam for ice cream parties pretty soon—we really need a photo of everyone together for our Brad & Angelina Family Album gallery.

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