Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

Dating is such a hard term to define nowadays. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart certainly have set new relationship rules, and tons of Hollywood babes are blurring the lines between being a full-on couple and occasional "fun buddies."

So, margaritas aside, what's the latest with Jennifer Aniston and her Bounty Hunter costar Gerard Butler?


That's right, Jen and Gerard most definitely are not dating (according to the old-school definition), as we're assured by a good pal to the former Friends femme.

Also, we hear Butler has hardly stopped busting out his sleazy moves on the unsuspecting gals of LA.

Remember, just a few weeks ago GB was spotted swapping spit with a random he found on the Venice boardwalk here in California.

Well, greasy Gerry's still at it!

We're told by stunned eyewitnesses he was seen slobbering all over babes—including one fetching woman he demanded to kiss in a Beverly Hills office building—while out in LA last week. Typical male!

If JenAn was caught doing the same thing everyone would be outraged, or at least pretend to be.

Whose to say nothing has gone down between G & J at some point (come on—we just can't believe two good lookin' people together a lot haven't gotten tipsy and frisky at some point), but we do know there's absolutely nothing serious between Jenifer and Gerard now.

Still, expect some dinner dates and random photo ops leading up to their March release of The Bounty Hunter. The relationship guessing game has proven to be successful for some of Jen's past romantic comedies.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn anybody?


Jen ain't serious. Check out The Equally Many Lusts of Jennifer Aniston gallery.

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