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This was a great summer for some people in Hollywood. Chris Pratt, you get a gold star. N.W.A., you were not so shabby yourselves. And those Minions! Hot damn.

Yes, the box office was rife with profits to be had for all sorts of movies, from animated flicks to biopics. But this season also brought a lot of disappointment and probably a lot of cursing studio execs. It wouldn't be summer blockbuster season without some summer blockbuster flops, right?

Since it's so much more fun to look at the disappointments than the success stories, let's journey back to the season's biggest failures, shall we? We don't really like math, but The Hollywood Reporter got out their calculators and tallied up the worst losses—taking into account budgets and global ticket sales.

First up...Mr. George Clooney.

That's right, his futuristic Disney flick Tomorrowland seems to be the biggest money-suck of the summer. Maybe he was still in that newlywed fog, or maybe this is a sign that it's time to defer to Amal as the breadwinner. But either way his big season-opener stands to lose up to $150 million. Sure, to Cloons that's a drop in the bucket, but to a studio it's a painful hit. 

Next up on the flop ranking is the title that will surprise no one...Fantastic Four. Fox stands to lose up to $100 million, but it's not all that surprising considering the movie didn't have one of the most essential aspects to a superhero tale...a plot. The same goes for everyone's least favorite kids movie, Pixels. For some reason the audience didn't warm up to the idea of Adam Sandler and Kevin James teaming up to save the world from video games, or whatever that movie was about. And to the tune of a $75 million loss, no less.

Rounding out the biggest box office blunders are two pictures you've probably never heard of: Aloha, with a $65 million loss, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., with an $80 million loss. What are they about, you ask? Well, Hawaii, and...TBD. We think that solves the mystery of why these flopped.

But don't worry, studios—there's always next year.

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