Justin Bieber, 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, VMA

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Before Justin Bieber's recent singles were released, his fans were forced to wait what probably felt like years for new music from the singer. And then once he did announce the music, we had to sit through an entire lifetime's 30 days' worth of countdown pictures on Instagram.

It's been a stressful process, but now our ears are truly #blessed with the sweet, sweet sounds of new Bieber. Except...there's a problem. We can't help but crack up every time we listen to either "What Do You Mean" or "Where Are Ü Now." And that's not because we're thinking about what Justin's songs used to sound like—it's because the titles of these tunes are absolutely hilarious.

Think about it. Who else do you know that is constantly asking what you mean or where you are. That's right, your mom.


We're not sure if the Biebs meant to channel those mom vibes or not (a peek at a recent hairstyle says maybe he did), but the chuckles are coming regardless. Of course, moms aren't the only people who are constantly nagging you.

Here are 14 other things that Justin Bieber sounds like...

1. Your dad

2. Your jealous girlfriend

3. A drunk person

4. A lost person

5. A drunk and lost person

6. A bitchy boss

7. Someone who has terrible listening skills

8. The Verizon commercial guy got his lines mixed up

9. An American in a foreign country for the first time

10. A boy when he finds out women have a period

11. A toddler lost in a grocery store

12. Someone waiting for their super late friend

13. Someone who was just told about the extra guac charge at Chipotle

14. A drunk person trying to find their Uber driver

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