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It's hard to believe that Victoria Beckham's birthday cake has forty candles, but it's true—the famous Aries is forty-years-old today, and she looks just as young as she did circa her Posh Spice days.

Even though Victoria makes us think the fountain of youth is real…it's not. In fact, she credits the state of her skin to Dr. Lancer, her dermatologist. Victoria is a big fan of Dr. Lancer's three-step method, and uses it daily.

So, E! News spoke with the world-renowned celebrity derm to get the scoop on Victoria's daily skin care routine.

"The skin's condition is improved through a simple three-step approach of exfoliating, cleansing, then nourishing," explains Lancer. Now, even though we've all heard the term "exfoliation" before, do we really know what it means? Dr. Lancer breaks it down for us.

"Exfoliation stimulates natural protein production in the upper layer of the dermis, increases oxygen flow and encourages enzyme protein production in the stratum cornea—the deepest layer of skin—which triggers self-repair." Translation? If you want Beckham-level skin, exfoliate every day.

Victoria Beckham


Dr. Lancer went on to explain that this three-step regime stimulates cell renewal and collagen production—all good things, of course. The result? "It keeps skin looking younger, radiant, and hydrated," he says.

Dr. Lancer also revealed that Victoria is extra vigilant about sun protection and uses his Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 every day. The formula is utterly lightweight and doesn't leave any of that unflattering, greasy residue.

So, if you ever thought twice about applying SPF when spending a day at the beach, just ask yourself: do you want to look like Victoria Beckham at age 40? Then take a cue from Dr. Lancer and don't skimp on the sunscreen!

—Reporting by Kathryn Eisman


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