Diana doesn't hit theaters until Friday, Nov. 1, but as luck would have it, E! News has an exclusive clip from the biopic about the late Princess Diana. In this scene, the People's Princess (Naomi Watts) visits her acupuncturist Oonagh Toffolo (Geraldine James) after yet another restless night.

Diana decides to confide in her friend. "It keeps coming back, that dream I told you about," she says.

"Falling into darkness?" Oonagh asks as she prepares to prick the princess. "It's not falling," Diana replies. "It's being dropped. Someone's doing it to me."

Perhaps presciently, Oonagh tells her client, "I think perhaps you're afraid of letting go...You're a Cancerian. You hang on to the idea of love because you're so good at giving love, so you keep on giving. The hard part is receiving love."

Diana agrees, noting that she's clinging to her marriage to Prince Charles. "But if I can't receive it," she opines, "I'm back where I started…on the doorstep. The little girl waiting for her mother to return."

Offering some words of encouragement, Oonagh advises Diana to stand up for herself. "Perhaps that girl should finally stand up and walk into the garden," she says.

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, Diana also stars Laurence Belcher as Prince William; and Harry Holland as Prince Harry; Naveen Andrews as Dr. Hasnat Khan; and Cas Anvar as Dodi Fayed.

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