Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow

Gal pals Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow are at it again!

In addition to opening up a dry bar with Paltrow, and helping her remedy her "long butt," the fitness guru has just finished filming an AOL On series with the actress. (If AOL On sounds familiar, that might be because you've caught episodes of its Nicole Richie series, Candidly Nicole.)

But while Richie's show is cheekily hilarious—past episodes have seen her tackling such topics as her "tramp stamp" and showing off her hip-hop moves—Anderson and Paltrow are taking a more serious tone in their project.

Not surprisingly, the fabulously fit pair will help women transform their body shapes, but if you're looking for either one to crack jokes about long bottoms, this might not be the series for you. 

"We focus on women who have overcome their bodies; women who have gone through really tragic situations in their life with self-medication (over-eating, over-drinking, etc.)," Anderson revealed in an interview with Racked.

Translation: Don't expect to Anderson to wax on about such topics as getting helping Paltrow get a striptease butt for her upcoming movie, Thanks For Sharing, which she was only too happy to share with us last week.

Instead, the besties will explore fitness as a way to heal both mind and body.

"One woman lost her son who loved Kempo karate, so she started to practice it," Anderson said. "Her body began to transform, but the key here is that she wasn't doing it because she was attached to a vanity-driven goal. She used the grieving energy and put it to something else."

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