Neil Patrick Harris, Tony Awards

Heather Wines/CBS

It feels like it's only a matter of time before Neil Patrick Harris is the host of every awards show there is.

And we'd be just fine with that.

After all, the guy has already put his emcee talents to use on a wide range of big telecasts and he easily manages to bring a little something special to each and every one.

And he's about to do it again this Sunday when he oversees the Emmys for the second time.

But Harris readily admits in an interview with the Daily Beast that some of the experiences have certainly been more memorable than others.

While recalling hosting the 65th Annual Tony Awards in 2011, for instance, Harris says, "I got to sing 'It's Not Just for Gays Anymore,' which was great. I was really happy that the Theatre Wing approved that idea. It was a bold, more overt, starker sense of humor level than they have had in the past."

He also looked back on his 2009 gig at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, where he found himself having to interview Jon Cryer backstage after losing to him.

"I remember thinking that I was going to win an Emmy that year for How I Met Your Mother...[and then] I thought to myself, This is bad karma! This is bad to assume anything. And sure enough, Jon Cryer won—and deservedly so; he's hilarious."

And while he admits the opening number from this year's Tonys was "probably my favorite," Harris seems to have had one his most enjoyable moments while hosting the 2010 Video Game Awards.

"The nice thing about the more niche-y awards like the Video Game Awards is that you have fewer people that will tell you that you can't do certain things," he says. "Hence, in the opening number...I gunned down all the dancers with AK-47s, and I had a whole bit where I did Angry Birds, live. We had live chickens and I was trying to shoot them from a real-life catapult into painted green pigs in boxes. They won't let you do that stuff on the Emmys!"

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