Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, The Place Beyond the Pines

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Yes, this is actually a serious flick (was it the title or the stone-cold facial expressions that gave it away?), spoof-ready melodramatic title not withstanding.

A new poster for the upcoming film The Place Beyond the Pines (out March 29) featuring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes was released today and, if you didn't know anything about the movie before you saw this poster...

Well, just looking at it certainly won't help.

Sure, it stars Gosling, Cooper and Mendes, But no, it is not a period piece that bounces between modern times and the Civil War.

"It's a crime drama," Gosling told E! News about The Place Beyond the Pinesdirected by Blue Valentine helmer Derek Cianfrance—at the Critics' Choice Awards in Hollywood. "It takes place in Schenectady, New York. It's all about, like, the sins of the fathers playing out in the lives of these two sons."

Basically, Gosling's character is a motorcycle rider (which is pictured on the poster, kudos) who moonlights as a bank robber to help support his wife (played by his real-life girlfriend, Mendes) and their newborn child. But he won't be for long once Cooper's character, a rookie on the police force, gets wind of him. 

Which, if it's blowing through some pines, should at least smell pretty good.

Are you looking forward to watching these three on the big screen together? Sound off in the comments!

Hey, Ryan Gosling's a movie star!

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