Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Shares Rare Video Taken By Her and Ryan Gosling’s Kids

Although Eva Mendes revealed Ryan Gosling is not the photographer behind her stunning Instagram shots, we know two other loved ones who may be snapping away.

July 12, 2021

Why Eva Mendes Doesn’t Share Any Photos Taken By Ryan Gosling

Is Ryan Gosling the photographer behind Eva Mendes’ stunning Instagram pics? According to the Hitch actress, that would be a no. Scroll on for her relatable message.

June 29, 2021

Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Prove How Far They've Come with Rare Beyond the Pines Throwback Pic

Eva Mendes reflected on her decade of loving Ryan Gosling by posting an old photo of the couple from The Place Beyond the Pines. See the emotional throwback that has our hearts racing.

May 28, 2021

Eva Mendes Recalls Thinking Her Face Looked "Weird" in Message on Insecurities

After sharing a photo from nearly two decades ago, Eva Mendes reflected on the "insecurities" she had in her 20s.

May 6, 2021

Eva Mendes Reacts After Parenting Advice Sparks Social Media Debate

Eva Mendes, who shares two daughters with Ryan Gosling, had an honest conversation with fellow parents after sharing a quote on spanking. Scroll on for her comments.

April 20, 2021

See the Sweet Makeover Eva Mendes Got From Her and Ryan Gosling's Daughters

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's two daughters gave mom an adorable makeover. Scroll on to see the Hitch star's reaction.

March 31, 2021

Why Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Are Cracking Open a Window Into Their Private World

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been reliably tight-lipped about their relationship, but being parents of two has necessitated a little more sharing, especially on Eva's part.

March 5, 2021

Eva Mendes Says Parenting Her Daughters With Ryan Gosling Is "Challenging" During Pandemic

Eva Mendes posted on Feb. 15 that it has been "challenging" to give her "full on attention" to the two daughters she shares with partner Ryan Gosling.

February 17, 2021

Eva Mendes Sets the Record Straight on Those Plastic Surgery Comments

Hold the phone! Eva Mendes took to Instagram to clear up her recent plastic surgery comments after they were taken out of context.

February 2, 2021

Eva Mendes Took a Break From Social Media Thanks to Her and Ryan Gosling's Daughter

Eva Mendes explained why she hasn't been on social media much in a new Instagram post, and said it had to do with a comment from her and partner Ryan Gosling's daughter.

January 24, 2021

Eva Mendes Admits Her Mom Guilt Is "In Full Effect" Amid Pandemic

Eva Mendes took to Instagram to share the fun her daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, are having while home amid the coronavirus quarantine.

December 18, 2020

Eva Mendes Takes Skin Care Seriously With Jaw-Dropping 7-Needle Treatment

After sharing a snap with seven needles in her chin, Eva Mendes’ fans expressed concern for the star. Scroll on to see her explain this jaw-dropping beauty treatment.

November 13, 2020

How Ryan Gosling Changed Eva Mendes' Mind on Having Kids

The full-time mom admits it's time to return to acting now that daughters Esmeralda & Amada are a little older. Hear Eva talk marriage and motherhood!

October 23, 2020

Eva Mendes Reveals How Ryan Gosling Changed Her Perspective on Motherhood

Before she fell in love with Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes didn't have baby strollers and car seats in mind. Read on to find out how that all changed once the two stars fell in love.

October 23, 2020

Eva Mendes Talks Raising Her Kids With Ryan Gosling and Hints at Her "Ambition" to Act Again

While Eva Mendes is notoriously private, she recently opened up about raising her kids with Ryan Gosling and possibly making a Hollywood comeback.

October 18, 2020

Eva Mendes Says She'd "Rather Be Home" with Ryan Gosling Than "Anywhere Else"

Eva Mendes and her longtime partner Ryan Gosling really have this quarantine thing handled.

October 4, 2020

Eva Mendes Shows Off Her Wild Makeover From Her Daughters

Eva Mendes took to Instagram to show off a wild and colorful makeover from her daughters with husband Ryan Gosling

May 17, 2020

Eva Mendes Responds to Fan Questioning Ryan Gosling's Parenting

After one social media user questions Ryan Gosling's parenting, Eva Mendes responds with a "honest answer." See what the actress had to say.

May 1, 2020

Eva Mendes Explains Why She Keeps Ryan Gosling & Kids So Private

Boundaries are set in place! The “Hitch” actress draws a line when it comes to sharing things about her man & their children and Eva is ready to open up about it. Watch!

April 20, 2020

Eva Mendes Gets Real About Why She Doesn't Post About Ryan Gosling and Her Kids

Eva Mendes opens up about why she doesn't like to post much about her kids or Ryan Gosling.

April 19, 2020


Eva Mendes and Halle Berry's Facialist Shares an Easy Skincare Mask Recipe to do at Home

Celebrity facialist, Olga Lorencin, shares her best skincare mask recipes that we can do while we're at home.

March 18, 2020