The Super Bowloncé (or Super Bowl, whatever) is quickly approaching, which means so are a plethora of commercials featuring animated babies and beer-drinking horses and girls with big boobs and small shirts.

One of the first commercials has surfaced early, courtesy of Volkswagen. The ad features some of your favorite viral stars (that eHarmony girl that loves cats! That politician that was so angry! A llama!) in what they surely hope will become another viral sensation. The circle of life, man.

But who needs "much-needed positivity and good vibes" when you can have dra-ma!!!

Like this commercial for the arrival of TNT in Netherlands.

Entitled "A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day," the ad (created by the agency Duval Guillaume Modem) sets up a button in some quaint square with a sign saying, "Push to add drama."

Well, someone's bound to push it (and they did) and the result is snipers, kidnappings, an epic showdown between a SWAT team and escaped prisoners and...streaking old men—aka the greatest ad of all time.

That could never happen in the U.S., because instead of laughing it all off, like those good-natured Dutch folks, Americans would probably sue TNT. Which, we guess, is also dramatic. And TNT knows drama.

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