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The NFL just got a lot more bootylicious. And if you're anything like us, we know you were twerking the "Uh Oh" dance all afternoon after learning Beyoncé will headline the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.

So, in anticipation of football's big B'day, we've already compiled our fantasy set list, based on the model that Madonna created last year. It's a mixture of the songs we know Bey will perform as well as those we just think would be too fierce for her to pass up.

So without further ado (and excluding any new music that Ms. Knowles would surely include), we present, the perfect Super Bowl set:

"Run the World (Girls):" Not only is it the biggest hit of her most recent album, 4, but picture it: Beyoncé stomps into the stadium followed by hundreds (hey, this is a dream, after all!) of female dancers, à la the song's video. We love the idea of ladies conquering the year's biggest football game, turning out intense choreography while those beer swigging, jersey wearing dudes watch on in awe.

"Get Me Bodied:" This might be the long shot of the bunch, but it's the perfect dance-along follow-up to "Girls"—especially if she performs the extended dance remix. Which would be a must. Throw Bey in one of her signature glittery leotards during this high-energy number and it would be enough to top even Madge's Pride Parade-approved showcase (and trust us, that's the highest of compliments from us).

"Survivor:" It's retro. It's an anthem that the whole crowd can get in on. And even though it's technically a Destiny's Child track, Bey has more or less claimed it as her own in the past, performing it solo on her tours. While Madonna mixed slow and fast tracks, we're keeping it dancey all the way through, because who wants to cry to "Halo" before the third quarter even starts? Not us.

"Crazy in Love"-"Countdown:" Arguably Beyoncé's biggest hit, "Crazy in Love" is a shoo-in. So why not mix things up with a mash-up of the Dangerously in Love single and one of the best tracks off 4? They will complement each other perfectly because they're basically the same awesome song anyway. It would be new for fans and the perfect end to a flawless showcase. Don't agree? Prove us wrong.

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