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    Hugh Grant's Lively, Scandalous Road From Dedicated Bachelor to Devoted Father of Five

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    The Royals Love Lockdown: Look Back at Season 4's Hot Hookups and See Where All the Regal Romances Stand!

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    The Royals Wedding We've Been Waiting for Is Here, But Will Willow Be Strong Enough to Take Down the Monarchy?

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    OMG! Queen Helena Attacks Willow's Mother and Pulls Out Her Hair (Dynasty-Style!) on The Royals

  5. The Royals

    Queen Helena Goes on a Covert Mission to Expose King Robert on The Royals

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    Princess Eleanor Catches a Half-Naked Sebastian in Queen Helena's Bedroom on The Royals

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    Watch Out King Robert! A Coup Is Underway on The Royals and the King Is on the Chopping Block

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    Prince Liam and Cyrus Turn the Tables on King Robert and He's Completely Clueless on The Royals

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    A Chocolate Fountain, Champagne and More! Willow Rings in Her Engagement as Only a Royal Could on The Royals

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    Prince Liam Learns the Hard Way That No One Can Be Trusted on The Royals

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    Someone Stole Queen Helena's Gold Pen on The Royals and She Won't Rest Till She Finds It!

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    Queen Helena Shades Willow's Engagement Story and Fashion Sense on The Royals: "It's Cheap"

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    Jasper's Dad Is Blackmailing Someone and Cassandra's Back to Seduce King Robert on The Royals

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    The Royals' Queen Helena Is Giving Herself the Hottest Birthday Gift of Them All: Sebastian!

  15. Elizabeth Hurley

    Elizabeth Hurley's Latest Bikini Pic Will Literally Make Your Jaw Drop

  16. Damian Hurley, The Royals 406

    ''Happy Birthday, Bitch!'' Damian Hurley Is Back as Hansel von Liechtenstein to Celebrate the Queen's Birthday on The Royals

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    Bye, Bye, Parliament! King Robert Is in Charge Now and You'll Never Guess Who He Banished From the Palace on The Royals

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    King Robert Makes His Boldest Power Play Yet on The Royals: Dissolving the Government!

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    The Royals Recap: Gasp! Jasper's Dad is Back and He's Dating Someone Inside the Palace

  20. Elizabeth Hurley, Miles Hurley, Instagram

    Elizabeth Hurley ''Thankful'' to Spend Easter With Nephew Miles Hurley After Stabbing

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    She's Back! Joan Collins Returns to The Royals With an "Italian Stallion" Lover and...Porn!

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    Did King Robert Just Sabotage London With a Sinister Blackout on The Royals?!

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    Queen Helena Shares Some Touching Love Advice With Willow on The Royals

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    Elizabeth Hurley Gives Update on Nephew's Health After Being ''Viciously Stabbed''

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    Queen Helena Calls King Robert's List of Potential Brides a ''Bunch of Vacuous Social-Climbing Sluts'' on The Royals