Elizabeth Hurley Says She’s “Honored” to Play a Role in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Actress discusses being an ambassador for The Estée Lauder companies’ breast cancer campaign

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 01, 2019 11:39 PMTags
Watch: Elizabeth Hurley Partners With Estee Lauder to Fight Breast Cancer

She'll never stop fighting for a cause. 

Elizabeth Hurley is a talented actress, mom, and breast cancer awareness advocate. The Royals star has been the Global Ambassador for the Estée Lauder Companies' Breast Cancer Campaign for the last 20 years. It's a project that she's not only passionate about, but one that brings great joy to her life. 

"I feel honored and really pleased when a lady will come up to me and say I saw you on TV talking about breast cancer and I went and got a mammogram," Elizabeth shared with E! News. "I made sure my daughter or my mother get's a mammogram. That to us is the most important thing I think we achieve on some levels." 

But she's not just the face of the cause, she's also on the ground doing the footwork to try and learn how she and other people can be more proactive in helping rid the world of this terrible disease.

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"I've met a lot of the research scientists," she shared. "When they tell me the sorts of things they're developing...you realize and you just want to say, hearing you speak is magnificent. I wish that you were multiplied so instead of one person telling me about this particular study, there were 20."

Back when she was first asked to help support this organization the actress had just lost her grandmother to this disease and was driven by the fact that no one was talking about breast cancer or its effects.

"To me, the most magnificent thing that's happened in the intervening years is the fact that I'm sitting here talking to you," she shared. "Or the fact that men are wearing pink ties, women are doing cake bake sales...It is unbelievable how people have understood how breast cancer effects everybody." 

Keep fighting the good fight, Elizabeth.