Cardi B Says Her Fashion Nova Line Looks High-End Like Gucci

Go behind-the-scenes of the rapper's Fashion Nova shoot

By Alanah Joseph Oct 30, 2018 6:12 PMTags
Watch: Cardi B Wants to Rival Chanel & Gucci With New Clothing Line

Cardi B's new collaboration is for women of all ages and sizes that was to drip in style (on a budget).

Over the years, the "Money" rapper's style has been a combination of awing, designer fashion (See: Her back-to-back outfits from Paris Fashion Week) and an occasional Fashion Nova fit. She's the queen of mixing high and low fashion. Yet, she has consistently relied on the e-commerce site for curve-hugging styles (most that cost less than $50) to pair with her diamonds, designer shoes and long, sparkling nails. 

Now, the New York-born entertainer is taking her partnership with the brand to the next level, making it easier for every woman to mix high and low. Or, better yet, she's helping consumers shop for budget-friendly pieces that make them look like a million dollars.

Cardi B's Paris Fashion Week Wardrobe Is Next Level
Fashion Nova

"I want people to be like ‘Is that Chanel? Is that Gucci? Oh, it's Fashion Nova—oh okay,'" she told E! News host Justin Sylvester.

The full Cardi B x Fashion Nova collection includes about 80 pieces, ranging from suiting to dresses to outerwear. The brand announced today that the line takes influence from the star and "the emerging global cultural icons of the late '80s and early '90s," so you can expect bright hues, latex and faux fur for ultra-sexy styles.

"One day if I want to dress really raunchy, if I want to show my body, I feel like I can," Cardi revealed regarding her fashion after having her first baby with Offset, Kulture Kiari Cephus. This collection will allow her to do that.

Her favorite pieces in the collection, however, are the jackets: "I love jackets," she stated. "I was very specific on what type of material I wanted...I also love this dress right here. It's almost like a jacket, but it's really a dress. You might use it as a jacket. You could wear with jeans, or you could cut it."

Cardi B's Best Looks
Fashion Nova

However, like Cardivenom, the collection will include very tailored styles and what the brand is calling "innovation and newness in fashion denim." There are office-ready looks with trousers, suiting and blouses that will make you look like a music industry boss. And, if you have a more casual office setting, they're broadening their denim offerings with wide-leg, flare and trouser-inspired silhouettes, creating more sophisticated casual outfits. 

The best part: Most items will cost approximately $40, although there are a few unique luxury items that will cost more. 

Fashion Nova x Cardi B launches November 15th exclusively on