A Star Is Born Alum Barbra Streisand Reveals the Advice She Gave Lady Gaga

Oscar winner shared her thoughts on the movie remake in an exclusive interview with E! News

By Jess Cohen Sep 28, 2018 4:54 PMTags
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Barbra Streisand thinks Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born remake is going to be a hit!

In the film, hitting theaters on Oct. 5, Cooper plays rockstar Jackson Maine who discovers a talented singer named Ally (Gaga). Streisand previously starred in the 1976 version of the movie and won an Oscar for Best Music, Original Song for "Evergreen." So did Gaga come to Streisand for advice about the movie? Streisand revealed the answer to that question during an exclusive interview with E! News' Zuri Hall.

"Yeah, a little bit, I told her to do it live, and she wanted to do it live, so that's good because that's the best way to do it," Streisand, who has seen the new remake, shared. "But their songs are different…it's a good movie, it's gonna be a hit."

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Talking more about the movie remake, Streisand said, "It starts like my old movie, with the concert and he goes to a club and finds her. But they were able to put some new things in it which I liked."

During the interview, Streisand also opened about her new album, Walls, which is "a mixture of original songs," including her new track, "Don't Lie To Me," which she co-wrote.

"Thrilled to announce that my new album WALLS is coming out Nov 2nd including a song I co-wrote, 'Don't Lie To Me,' which is out now," Streisand tweeted Thursday. "This collection of songs reflects what's been on my mind lately, and I look forward to sharing that with you."

Take a look at the interview above to see what Streisand had to say about her new music, A Star Is Born and her advice to Lady Gaga!