Regina King Definitely Wouldn't Mind a Southland Reboot

The star said, "You're proud to be a Southlander"

By Spencer Lubitz, Lena Grossman Sep 18, 2018 10:06 PMTags
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Regina King has been in a lot of television shows and movies, but there's one character that stands out in her mind to bring back to life.

E! News sat down with King at the Gillette Venus Her Shot campaign where the Emmy Award-winning actress told us about what role she would revive if she had the chance. "It would be Lydia from Southland," she revealed.

King told E! News the show was "a special time" for the cast and crew. She explained, "We were doing a show that should have had a much bigger budget than it did have, doing it in 7 days just like running and gunning almost like we were shooting a student film.  With that, we were so appreciative of the stories and style in which the show was shot and the opportunity to work together and learning from each other."

The Seven Seconds star compared the show to a "high school environment" because everyone had so much pride for Southland. "You're proud to be a Southlander, we really enjoyed that and we are all still in contact with each other," she said.

The show was canceled by TNT in 2013 after five seasons.

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King also played a role on The Big Bang Theory, which is ending after its twelfth season. "All good things must come to an end," she told E! News. "It's better to go out on top to me than when something is on the decline."

The actress has also taken up directing, which she calls "fantastic." She explained that the experience of being behind the camera has taught her "different communication styles."

On Monday night, King won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her role in the Netflix series Seven Seconds. She thanked the "opportunity to tell a story and hold a mirror up to what's going on" in her acceptance speech. King also dropped lipstick on her dress, but that didn't stop her from accepting the award in true style.