Why This Is Mandy Moore's Year

As the actress turns 34, we list all the reasons this will be her best year yet!

By Billy Nilles Apr 10, 2018 1:00 PMTags
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It's a good time to be Mandy Moore.

As the This Is Us actress rings in her 34th birthday on April 10, it's becoming more and more clear that this is her year. And really, it's not hard to see why. After all, when you're the star of one of the biggest shows on TV and you're about to tie the knot, there's no denying that you're on top of the world. And to really drive the point home, she even went and climbed freaking Mount Kilimanjaro just days before saying goodbye to 33!

So why are we so certain this is the Year of Mandy? Let us count the ways.

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TV's Biggest Show

With a second season the proved to be even more popular than the first, and the plum post-Super Bowl time slot, This Is Us feels like an unstoppable force. We just can't get enough of those Pearsons! And week in and week out, Moore impressively holds court as Rebecca Pearson, playing the matriarch of our favorite family at every age. She can break out heart with one of creator Dan Fogelman's emotional speeches and now that the mystery of Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death is out of the way, we'll hopefully get a deeper look into Rebecca's life after Jack when the NBC series returns for its third season this fall!

Emmy Ready

In season one, This Is Us earned itself a lot of deserved Emmy nominations. But the one person missing? Moore. However, after season two really let her shine, digging into Rebecca's grief in the immediate aftermath of Jack's death, there is no way that the Academy will be able to ignore the actress once again. All they need to do is go back and watch Rebecca learn that her husband went from living to dead in the time it took her to make a phone call and get some candy to see that the hardware already has her name on it.

A Gorgeous New Home

The renovations on Moore's mid-century modern Pasadena abode are finally finished, which means that she and her soon-to-be hubby Taylor Goldsmith can finally begin their new life in the gorgeous space. Not only is the finished product—done with an all-female team—stunning, but it marks an important step in her relationship with Goldsmith, as it is the first time they've been able to call a space "theirs." "We do live together, but because we don't have our own space that's ours right now, we haven't really ventured into the blending of [our] things," she told People last summer. But now, that's all changed.

Here Comes the Bride

After splitting with husband of six years Ryan Adams in 2015, Moore has found love again in the form of Dawes musician Goldsmith. And now that she's gained the confidence that only comes from recovering from a broken heart, she's ready to make it official. "It's a combination of getting older and wiser and going through the hard knocks of a divorce," she told Cosmopolitan in their March issue. "You realize, I'm not going to take anyone's s--t."

As for the big day, don't expect anything too lavish from the star, as she told E! News' Kristin Dos Santos last year. "Maybe one notch up from the courthouse," she said about her vision for the wedding. "Keep it simple and private and intimate. It'll happen sooner rather than later. I'm not in any rush, but also, I'm like, 'I want to do it.' I don't need to wait. I don't need to have a long engagement. I'm not planning some giant, lavish affair. So might as well just do it." In other words, expect a day as tasteful and understated as the star herself!

Happy birthday, Mandy! We just know this will be the best one yet!