James Franco Is ''Somewhat Relieved'' About Oscars Snub Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Source tells E! News the actor "doesn't want" him not getting nominated to be "correlated" with claims against him

By McKenna Aiello Jan 24, 2018 1:11 AMTags
James Franco, TodayZach Pagano/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

James Franco's performance in The Disaster Artist was not recognized by The Academy's 2018 Oscars nominations, a snub that has apparently left the actor with mixed emotions. 

"James is disappointed in not getting an Oscar nomination," a source tells E! News, "but also very understanding and somewhat relieved. He doesn't want it to look like the snub is correlated with the allegations against him."

Weeks ago, five women accused the 39-year-old actor of sexual misconduct in a Los Angeles Times exposé. Two of Franco's accusers have also appeared on Good Morning America to share their accounts. The claims, which allege a range of inappropriate and exploitative behavior against his former students, have been denied by Franco

The insider adds, "James is trying to get through this rocky patch and hopes everything will blow over appropriately. He is really leaning on his family right now and trying to stay under the radar as much as possible."

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Franco did show up to last Sunday's 2018 SAG Awards in support of his nomination in the Best Actor category, which he lost to Gary Oldman. He's won awards for The Disaster Artist at the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards and Golden Globes, where Franco's Time's Up pin drew criticism from people online. 

In the wake of the accusations, a source previously described Franco as "not doing well" and said his inner circle was "really worried about him." Meanwhile, a separate longtime friend of Franco's told E! News exclusively, "He is really hurt because he didn't know that we would be in a place where giving someone a voice would be giving someone a license to speak without any accountability."

Franco had this to say regarding the allegations leveled against him during an interview with Late Night's Seth Meyers: "Like I said, there are stories that need to get out. There are people that need to be heard. I have my own side of this story, but I believe in these people that have been underrepresented getting their stories out enough that I will hold back things that I could say just because I believe in that much." 

"If I have to take a knock because I'm not going to try and actively refute things, then I will, because I believe in it that much," Franco continued. 

E! News has reached out to Franco's rep for comment.