Remember the kid who played Tim Allen's son in 1994's The Santa Clause?

The bowl-cut cutie was named Charlie Calvin in the film and was played by actor Eric Lloyd. He was just 8-years-old at the time the film was released and yet he managed to totally captivate our attention with his hilarious one-liners and sweet daddy-son moments with Tim, who played Scott Calvin.

In fact, when Scott accidentally killed Santa Clause (we know, a little dark for a Christmas movie) and subsequently took on his duties at the North Pole, Charlie was one of the only people to believe in him.

We watched Charlie grow up a bit in the film's sequels—The Santa Clause 2 and 3—and help his dad through the trials and tribulations of getting through the most wonderful time of the year.

However, considering the final film was released in 2006, we couldn't help but wonder: Where is Charlie now?

Launch the video above to find out!

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