Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now

It's that time of year: the fireplace is burning, your plaid pajamas are on, and you've got Netflix streaming your favorite holiday movies of all time!

Whether it's Miracle on 34th Street or Christmas Vacation, Love Actually or Elf, most of these festive flicks are filled with Santa Claus-loving little kids who we can't help but acknowledge are pretty darn cute...except they probably aren't kids any more!

As we started flipping through the films, we got to wondering: where are these child stars now? One thing lead to another and...voila!

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Macaulay Culkin

20th Century Fox; Getty Images

Macaulay Culkin He played Kevin McCallister in 1991's Home Alone (and then again in the film's sequel). Today, he's rocking long hair and the latest fashion trends!

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Mara Wilson

20th Century Fox,

Mara Wilson: You probably recognize her from Matilda, but the child star also played Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street from 1994.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Taylor Momsen

Universal Studios; Getty Images

Taylor Momsen She played cute, little Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas in 2000, and now she's rocking out in black-on-black attire and dark makeup with her band The Pretty Reckless.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Juliette Lewis

Warner Bros.; Getty Images

Juliette Lewis The actress played the angsty teenage daughter Audrey Griswold in Christmas Vacation. Now, she's all grown up and still hitting the red carpet.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Johnny Galecki

Warner Bros.; Getty Images

Johnny Galecki He starred as Lewis' little brother Rusty Griswold in Christmas Vacation, and now he's making bank playing Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory. Fun fact: He also dated Kaley Cuoco.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Eric Lloyd

Buena Vista Pictures; Facebook

Eric Lloyd: The actor played Charlie Calvin in The Santa Clause in 1994. Today, he's working in music production.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Peter Billingsley, A Christmas Story

MGM; Getty Images

Peter Billingsley: We knew him as Ralphie Parker in 1983's A Christmas Story. Since then, he's done smaller roles here and there—including one of Santa's helpers in Elf—but has mostly stuck to producing.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Nicholas Hoult

Universal Pictures; Getty Images

Nicholas Hoult Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend starred as Marcus Brewer in About a Boy in 2002. Now, he's garnered a long list of major roles in big films all across the board.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Thomas Sangster

Universal Pictures; Getty Images

Thomas Sangster: Remember that adorable little British boy named Sam from Love Actually? The one who found young love so painful but so wonderful all at the same time? This is him now—dapper and still quite darling!

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Joseph Cross

Warner Bros. Pictures; Getty Images

Joseph Cross: He played Charlie Frost in 1998's Jack Frost, and now he's a 30-year-old college graduate with several other films under his belt.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Daniel Tay

Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock ; Getty Images

Daniel Tay: We came to know him as Michael Hobbs in Elf, and now he'll be turning 25 later this month.

Kids in Christmas Movies, Then and Now, Brett Kelly

Dimension Films; Getty Images

Brett Kelly: The curly-haired actor starred as Thurman Merman in 2003's Bad Santa alongside Billy Bob Thornton. Fast forward 13 years, and he just played the same character for 2016's Bad Santa 2.

Which child actor starred in your favorite holiday movie? Sound off in the comments below!

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