Hollywood's Hottest Book Gets a Sequel

Jack Ketsoyan and Kevin Dickson write a follow-up to Blind Item

By Beth Sobol Oct 04, 2017 2:15 PMTags
Guilty PleasureMacmillan

In Hollywood, all good things get a sequel...which is great news for fans of Blind Item, the smash debut novel from veteran celebrity publicist Jack Ketsoyan and entertainment journalist Kevin Dickson.

Told through the eyes of assistant publicist Nicola Wallace as she trickily navigates a top-secret romance with a high profile movie star, Blind Item also introduced us to a set of not-so-thinly veiled "fictional" characters that share more than passing similarities to certain real-life celebs. No surprise Blind Item shot to the top of the Los Angeles Times bestseller list this past summer. Pass the dish, anyone?

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In the follow up—appropriately titled Guilty Pleasure—Nicola will face her biggest professional and personal challenge yet when her biggest client (and clandestine love interest) returns home from a stint in rehab. How of-the-moment! Meanwhile, their friends—who include a tabloid reporter, a reality star and an agency head—all have dirty secrets of their own they're desperately trying to keep under wraps.

The success of the first book "humbled us and made us so grateful for the thousands of people who read it," Ketsoyan tells E! News. "We're ecstatic about the sequel because there's just so much left to the story. Guilty Pleasure is something we're really proud of—it's a sweet, dark, funny rollercoaster ride. We can't wait for everyone to enjoy it."

Sign us up! Guilty Pleasure won't hit shelves until June, but you can pre-order your copy now.