Blind Item, Kevin Dickson, Jack Ketsoyan

Macmillan Children's Publishing Group

Fall is barely underway but we're already looking forward to June—and not just because it will bring warmer temperatures. It will also mark the arrival of next summer's hottest new beach read, a juicy tome inspired by real-life Hollywood stories and scandals.

Penned by veteran celebrity publicist Jack Ketsoyan and writer Kevin Dickson, Blind Item tells the tale of an assistant publicist named Nicola who spends her days and nights cleaning up the messes made by her firm's clientele of big-name stars.

Nicola's life is turned upside down when, against her better judgment, she starts dating a high-profile actor. As a result, she becomes the story every gossip editor in town is looking to land. Keeping her new romance under wraps isn't easy when her A-list boyfriend insists on wining her, dining her and buying her a flashy new car.

As Nicola struggles to keep the tabloids at bay, she and her two best friends—a party boy and a reality star—encounter the kinds of scandals that are too wild to be made up. The authors won't say who's who, but we got an exclusive heads up on the material and we're already buzzing about which celebs these jaw-dropping characters are based on.

For example:

• Which action hero prefers his romps al fresco? He pays off the security guards at Griffith Park Observatory so he and his date can enjoy late-night lovemaking under the stars.

• This grand dame of TV and movies only thinks she's the best shoplifter in town. In reality, her publicist secretly gives the actress' Amex number to every store she visits from so they can charge her for the so-called stolen goods.

• In lieu of presents, this seemingly innocent reality star requested different types of marijuana from dispensaries all over L.A. A happy birthday, indeed!

We have our guesses, but who do you think they're talking about?

Blind Item will be published in hardcover June 6, 2017.

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