A Celeb Trainer Shares Workouts You Can Do in Jeans

By Amanda Randone Oct 03, 2017 12:00 PMTags
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The excuses we find for not exercising are endless. Are you too busy? Can't afford a gym membership? You just don't like it?

It's hard to stay motivated and maintain a regular fitness routine. It's even harder to find one that aligns with your lifestyle and personality. So we challenged Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian trainer Lacey Stone to help us to simplify some workouts and eliminate many of the excuses so many of us are prone to give for skipping the gym.


We wanted workout recommendations that don't even require taking off your jeans. Try saying no to that.

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While Lacey would advise against opting for jeans as regular gym attire (OK, we're not there yet), there are circumstances where you can get in your exercise without changing out of your day clothes—some options can even be done at a desk. To start, pick a day where you're wearing the right kind of denim.

"Hopefully, the jeans have a little more of a jegging-type material or more give," Lacey said. "Elastic jeans are the most comfortable type of jeans to accomplish a workout without even having to change into your gear because they allow for more movement. I'd say go for Good American jeans because they're designed to be elastic." (Yes, Good American is also owned by Khloe.)

To avoid ripping your jeans, don't involve too much rotation or bending of the knees. You can play it safe by doing upper-body workouts like push-ups, bicep curls or dips. No leggings necessary.

But if you want to work on the bottom half of your body, the most basic options to consider could be done right at your desk. No workout clothes? No problem. If you're sitting in a chair, get up and down as if you were squatting. You can also hold onto your desk as if you're in a sliding chair to pull your body in and then push out. "That works your chest and your back," Lacey confirmed. To focus on your core, firmly place your hands down on the table top and twist from side to side until you start to feel the burn before your next meeting. You can even optimize that wait on the printing queue by standing and doing leg lifts, then going up and down on your toes to work your calves. All of these exercises are jean friendly and guarantee getting in some fitness time even on work hours. This is not only better for your body, but also for your mind and morale.

"You become more alert and productive when you work out," Lacey explained. "If you make it not weird to be healthier at the office, it'll bring office camaraderie."

Easy and fun ways to do this, she suggested, are racing your office mates in your desk chairs (yes, really), and doing lunges to meetings instead of walking there. 

You don't need to be in an office space to accomplish workouts in your jeans either. If you're ready for a challenge, Lacey says to hit the ground and try out a basic plank to target your abdominals. Or, get on all fours for leg-lift routines that would make any celeb trainer proud. To do this, make sure your hands are planted parallel on the ground so that your wrists are aligned with your shoulders. While one knee stays down in line with your hip, straighten out the other leg, flex your toes, then and lift and lower the leg so you feel it in your butt cheek. After 20 sets, switch to the other side. Keep your spine neutral and don't forget to breathe through your moves.  

By opting for these kind of exercises that work your glutes without bending your knees, you won't risk tearing your favorite Levis.

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Now if you're reading this from your desk, join us in working out that core. 

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