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Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford really bonded on the set of Blade Runner 2049.

The La La Land actor opens up to Entertainment Weekly about filming sequel and says there was nothing more nerve-wracking than waiting to meet his Hollywood hero, Ford. "They say never meet your heroes," Gosling tells EW. "But the addendum to that is: unless they're Harrison Ford." 

The Star Wars alum didn't appear on set until a month into production, giving Gosling plenty of time to prepare his introduction. Then one day Ford appeared, ready to get down to business. "And then it was just unmistakably him—even in silhouette, you couldn't miss it—and it was just such a relief," Gosling shares. "He immediately put everyone at ease and went right to work." 

Once the introductions were all said and done, Gosling and Ford went to work. But filming in such cold locales meant staying warm. And warm these two stayed.

"Talking to Harrison fully clothed in a hot tub is an experience I never thought I'd have," Gosling says, laughing. "If you had told me a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed it."

It's probably fair to say that Gosling safely transitioned from intimidated to comfortable while hanging out with his mentor and hero, considering they were able to shoot the breeze in a hot tub.

Gosling confirmed his casting in the Blade Runner sequel in November 2015 after plenty of speculation. Although he could say that he was, in fact, part of the movie, he couldn't give fans any more information. "It's exciting! All of those things," he told Collider adding, "And if I say anymore there's a chip in me that will explode if I say anything else."

Now that production has begun, Gosling was willing to open up about life on set a little bit more. He admitted to GQ that Ford punched him in the face. "It was kind of, you know, a rite of passage," Gosling said. "You know…he's tough. He's been an inspiration to everyone—everyone is doing push-ups now and taking an interest in their fitness. As soon as it happened, the director came up to me and said, 'Look at it this way—you just got hit by Indiana Jones.'"

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