Ryan Gosling Just Confirmed His Next Big Movie Role: Blade Runner 2!

Actor confirms his next movie role

By Kendall Fisher Nov 16, 2015 10:44 PMTags
Ryan GoslingSharkpixs/ZUMAPRESS.com

Ryan Gosling is about to get his Sci-Fi on!

The 35-year-old actor confirmed speculation that he is, in fact, starring in the highly-anticipated Blade Runner 2—a sequel to Harrison Ford's hit thriller from 1982.  

"Yes, that's true!" he told Collider when the project came up.

He said getting the opportunity to work with director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins is what truly convinced him to partake in the film, but he was careful not to divulge too many details.

"It's exciting! All of those things," he said before adding, "And if I say anymore there's a chip in me that will explode if I say anything else." LOL!

However, he was willing to chat about one of his other upcoming films: The Nice Guys.

When asked about his favorite part in working on the film, he couldn't help but gush about director Shane Black and co-star Russell Crowe.

"I don't know what to say. It's Shane Black," he told Collider. "He's a world unto himself and his world is so fun and crazy. I had such a great time."

He adds of his co-star, "Russell Crowe is so funny in the movie, and I can't wait for people to see that. It's a side of himself that he doesn't show very often, and it's hysterical."


Meanwhile, the hunky actor is also busy being a first time daddy.

In an interview with the Today Show last month, Eva Mendes opened up a bit about loving motherhood and parenting with Gosling.

When asked if her man helps out with changing diapers and babysitting, the actress answered: "That's a given these days; I don't think that's a plus anymore. It better not be, fathers out there!"

He's hot, talented and he changes diapers?! Swoon!