Lamar Odom "Doing Well" in Rehab as He Focuses on "Bettering Himself" for the New Year

Former Los Angeles Lakers star recently voluntary checked himself into a San Diego facility

By Holly Passalaqua, Mike Vulpo Dec 14, 2016 7:00 PMTags

Lamar Odom is working hard to ensure 2017 is a happy and healthy year.

Shortly after E! News exclusively revealed that the former Los Angeles Lakers star had voluntarily checked himself into rehab, fans are getting a sense into how the basketball player is doing in treatment.

"I have had reports from the doctors that he's doing well. This is a preventative forward looking movement by Lamar," Lamar's attorney Walter Mosley shared with E! News exclusively. "We have a lot of very important things lined up for next year. I like to say Lamar is on a comeback tour in 2017."

He continued, "It's about maintaining health, being healthy, doing what's right for his family, being a better father, just improving himself. This was his idea and he has the full support of the people who work for him, his family, staff and everyone around him."

Why Lamar Odom Being in Rehab Is a Good Sign
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While Walter doesn't know how long Lamar will stay in the San Diego rehab facility, he says the athlete will be there until at least the end of the year. In addition, Walter explained that Lamar was in "great spirits" at a friendly dinner one week before checking into treatment. 

Lamar's decision to enter treatment comes more than a year after the former NBA player experienced a near-fatal overdose in Las Vegas.

While Khloe Kardashian was once told that he only had four hours to live, Lamar exceeded expectations and was able to move to a private rehabilitation center closer to Calabasas.

Although the athlete experienced some setbacks during his recovery, his attorney assured fans that Lamar is determined to start a new year on the best note possible.

"It's 100% of bettering himself. Being a better father to his kids, being a better friend and just taking responsibility and live a more healthy and fulfilled life," he shared with us. "There's a lot to live for. He's young. He has the rest of his life in front of him. He has a lot to look forward to."

And while multiple reports say the basketball player is set to star in a reality show about his recovery, a source tells E! News that nothing is confirmed and no deal has been made.