These days, there are tons of ways to stay in shape, but with so few free hours to haul ass to the gym, it's time to cut right through the BS.

According to celeb trainer Noah Neiman, that's the exact reason so many celebs like Karlie KlossGigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have turned to boxing: "Because it works," said the expert.

Aside from being extra fit himself, the Rumble Boxing owner has a roster of celeb clients like Nina Agdal, Adriana Lima, Cindy BrunaAmy Schumer and Jake Gyllenhaal, to name a few.

So, as you start charting out your fitness goals for 2017, here's why the celebs are fanatical about boxing.

It's No BS: "There's this craze over this lean body right now, and not to throw anyone under the bus, but there's this major trainer who is full of sh-t and her stuff never works. The reason that many of these girls turn to boxing is because it works," he reiterated. It's an inherently efficient workout that develops a lean body. "You're using your whole body: your glutes, your legs and your core to generate that power to punch. You're ducking under a punch, using you abs your legs and getting your conditioning in." Instead of spending hours on the treadmill or the elliptical, which Noah said doesn't work, you're using your body how it was meant to be used.

Boxing Is 100 Percent for Everyone: If you've never done it, don't worry. "It's extremely scalable," assured Noah. That's what this workout is all about. Boxing is a skill, so every time you do it, you're getting a little better and that's what keeps you in the game. The first time you throw a jab, you're not going to know what a jab is, but once you throw 10,000, your arms are getting stronger and you're starting to learn those motor patterns, and you're going to get really good," he said. And that's precisely what's going to keep you coming back. 

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You'll Get Addicted, Fast: This workout is fulfilling because, unlike other activities, you can see your advancement. "When you're running or spinning, there's no progression. You might go a little deeper or a little harder, but you don't feel like you're accomplishing a feat, and humans crave progression," said the trainer. "That's one of the things that keeps us incredibly happy, not just in our workouts, but in our lives."

Bulking Up Is Not a Thing: Let's get one thing straight: "A misconception on strength training in general that I'll dispel very quickly is bulk," explained the Eat the Bear trainer. "I've worked with Adriana Lima, and you wouldn't call her bulky. I've had her pick up 20-pound weights and do squats at the same time. And I've put a bar on her back—all traditionally male-centric workouts," he explained. The point: This workout will increase muscle mass and in turn will yield a lean bod. End of story.

You Don't Have to Kill Yourself: Sure, if you're Jake Gyllenhaal training for his boxing movie South Paw, you might just bump up your workouts to three-a-days, but the average person doesn't have to do that. "A full-body workout three times a week is all you need to see a difference," said the trainer. Another tip: "I never tell anyone to use the scale, throw that sh-t out," he said.

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Focus on the Emotional Benefit: "I think, especially for beginners who are out of shape, it's important to hang on the emotional benefits in the beginning and that will keep you in the game," he advised. If you're mending unhealthy habits, be patient. Instead, ask yourself: How do I feel? Do I feel more confident putting my clothes on? "If the answer is: You feel better than you did a week ago, keep doing what you're doing. It's working" he said.

Make It a Part of Your Life: "No celeb crash-trains and that's the biggest thing: They stay ready," he said. For most models, like the Victoria's Secret girls, for instance, have been training all year. That's the only way to have and keep a long lean body. "Naomi Campbell is in impeccable shape. She's down doing planks with everyone else with me. None of the models that are healthy and that are flying down the runway have had to do much preparation besides what they do every single day," he said.

So moral of the story: Stick with it and the body will come.

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