In What Terrible, Gruesome Way Should Ramsay Bolton Die on Game of Thrones?

We've put together a list of terribly gruesome ways this awful character can get killed off the show, and we want your votes!

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We used to think there was no justice on Game of Thrones. The characters we loved and rooted for were met with unjust and heartbreaking deaths. (Still grieving you, Ned and Lady!) And all the characters we loathed and despised got richer and more powerful. Watching Game of Thrones was like being in a emotionally unstable relationship.

Then came the Purple Wedding. Joffrey finally got his comeuppance and the entire world cheered as he bled from every orifice at his own wedding. We still smile maniacally when we think about it. So now we know there is indeed justice on Game of Thrones; we just have to patient.

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Guess what? We've been patient enough with Ramsay Bolton. We watched him torture Theon/Reek mercilessly. We saw the disgusting things he did to Sansa. And this season he's in rare form, what with setting his pack of dogs on Walda and her newborn son and murdering his father in the same damn episode. And finally, he stabbed Osha in the neck in last week's episode, so Ramsay is wayyyy overdue for a terrible, horrifying death.

Since we don't know when he'll die, we thought it would be fun (and slightly sadistic) to plan out the death of his absolutely appalling human. Or what do you call a human without a heart or soul or decent bone in his body? Oh, you call it Ramsay Bolton.

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We've come up with a list of spectacular demises for our dear Ramsay, stuff like ripped in two by Ghost and Shaggydog (we believe the theory he's still alive), eaten by a giant ice spider (we have yet to see those) and flayed alive and left for death on top of the wall.


Pick your favorite manner of death below, or have some fun of your own and tell us how you'd like to see Ramsay meet his untimely end. It's the only thing we can do until we actually see the glorious moment with our own eyes. Until then, we wait...


How Should Ramsay Bolton Die?

In what gruesome way should Ramsay Bolton die on Game of Thrones?
Flayed alive and left for death on top of the wall
Eaten by his own pack of dogs
Burned alive by dragon
Stepped on by dragon
Burned, stepped on and eaten by a dragon
Stabbed by Sansa/Jon as they say "The Starks send their regards"
Tortured by Reek/Theon until he begs for his death
Ripped in two by Ghost and Shaggydog (who is in fact alive)
Castrated and thrown off the wall
Pounded into the ground by a giant
Decapitated by a White Walker
Turned into a Wight and then cut in half by Jon
Eaten by a giant ice spider
Sliced into pieces by the remaining Stark children
Straight up sat on by a giant
Stripped naked and left to freeze to death as Sansa watches
Assassinated in spectacular fashion by Arya
Flaming arrow to the crotch, face and heart, in that order
Poison that kills him slowly and painfully over 5 episodes
Bran wargs into Summer, who tears Ramsay's throat out
Ripped apart by a crowd of Wildlings and the Night's Watch
Forced fed sausages until he chokes to death
Remember Viserys' golden crown? Golden cod piece!
Death is too good for him; torture him for life!
I have my own idea, and I'll tell you in the comments
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