Did You Catch the Arrested Development Easter Egg in Captain America: Civil War?

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo also directed several episodes of the critically-adored comedy series

By Jenna Mullins May 17, 2016 6:00 PMTags
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Did anyone else shout out "no touching!" whenever Iron Man or Black Panther got anywhere near poor, lost Bucky in Captain America: Civil War? He just wanted to eat his plums! Leave the damn man alone! But mostly, we yelled that phrase because when Arrested Development alum are making a Marvel movie, you have to shout out some references to fully enjoy the experience.

Speaking of Arrested Development, did you catch the little nod to that wonderful show during one of the biggest and best scenes in Civil War? It's a blink-and-miss-it moment, and only a sharp eye would have caught it. Here's a hint: it was during the Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man airport battle, and it involves a very iconic mode of transportation for the Bluth family.

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Yep, the stair car was a low-key extra in the biggest blockbuster of the summer. In case you are still missing the connection, Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo also directed several Arrested Development episodes, so of course they had to sneak in a Bluth easter egg.

When Ant-Man and Captain America prepare to (spoiler alert?) throw and un-shrink a giant truck directly at War Machine, you can spot what looks to be the stair car in the background of the Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Maybe that's even how Ant-Man got to the airport. He was probably a hop-on. After all, Michael Bluth warned us about bridges and hop-ons.

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