We're Now Rooting for Anthony Mackie to Co-Host LIVE! With Kelly Ripa

Captain America star makes his debut on the talk show

By Kendall Fisher May 06, 2016 8:04 PMTags

Debate over who should replace Michael Strahan on Live! alongside Kelly Ripa has gone on and on over the last few weeks, but we think we've finally found the one...

Anthony Mackie.

The Captain America star made his debut on the talk show Friday and not only revealed how truly hilarious he is, but also what a great co-host he'd make on the show.

You see, he got to chatting about Robert Downey Jr. and how he introduced Mackie to quinoa, and the whole thing was entirely amazing.

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"He has introduced me to quinoa," he said, pronouncing it "King Wah," much to Michael's confusion. "You know what it is? It's the other grain."

After laughing with Michael over his pronunciation of the grain, confusing it for the new "Prince Amuda," Mackie continued.

"So I take a little spinach, a little extra virgin olive oil...Look at her face," he said pointing to a woman in the audience. "She like, 'Oh! Don't you say spinach in the morning!'"


Kelly, Michael and the whole audience couldn't hold in their belly-aching laughter. In fact, Michael had to cut the actor off, saying, "I can't finish this with you. You're too much, man!"

From his quick and witty responses to his perfect storytelling skills, the interview as a whole was great. It made us realize that we really need more Mackie in our lives—preferably in the mornings, sitting beside Kelly on Live!

Perhaps his name will be thrown into the conversation now of who will come to replace Michael in the future. For now, celebs like Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris and Mario Lopez have been discussed.

In April, ABC announced that Strahan would be leaving his morning talk show to join Good Morning America in the fall, surprising everyone—including Ripa, who has hosted Live! since 2001.

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