Tori Spelling Believes She Can "100 Percent Move Past" Dean McDermott's Infidelity: "I Love Him"

Reality star also clarifies her recent comments on monogamy in relationships

By Mike Vulpo Mar 16, 2016 12:32 AMTags

For once and for all, Tori Spelling is ready to move on from Dean McDermott's infidelity.

For several months, fans of the Hollywood couple have witnessed the pair's highs and lows in their relationship often chronicled on reality TV. But after a lot of hard work and dedication, both parties are saying goodbye to the past and hello to a stronger, healthier future.

"I can 100 percent move past the infidelity," Tori explained to E! News' Jason Kennedy and Maria Menounos in a new interview. "The stuff that I cannot move past is the behaviors in the relationship—the things that weren't being communicated, the anger in the relationship—things that really had nothing to do with infidelity itself."

She continued, "I believe that women have the power and it was a choice and people can judge me and say, ‘Well she stayed with him.' But I think it's more powerful to make the choice to try to heal the relationship and work on it and work through it if you truly love someone."

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So how was the Hollywood pair able to move past fights, tears and drama visibly seen on True Tori? Both Tori and Dean decided it was time to reconstruct their relationship that "combusted right in front of us."

"There was no repairing it because it had gone so far," she told E! News while supporting Tori & Dean's Spring Picnic on the Cooking Channel. "So we had to look at what was beneath that and at the base of it and that was the true love that was there and rebuild it from that."

She added, "I love him. We have children together. I want to kind of repair this in a way that we can't repair so why not start over and rebuild it and that's what we did."


Away from the cameras, Tori, Dean and their kids have become even closer as they enjoy several activities on a united front. Whether celebrating birthday parties or holidays together, the family has been all smiles.

But while things on the family front are improving, Tori couldn't help but get people talking when she appeared on the Today show last week where she admitted to "turning monogamy on its head."

What exactly did she mean? You have to watch our E! News interview for yourself to find out!

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