Paige & Kevin Break Up, Brie Bella Lies to Nikki & More: 7 Shocking Total Divas Moments!

By Jess Cohen Mar 09, 2016 3:00 AMTags
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Tuesday's Total Divas was packed with heated arguments and one emotional split.

Throughout the episode, the tension between Paige and Kevin was clear. Their relationship hadn't been the same since she told Kevin she didn't want to be engaged.

So when Paige's mom comes to town to visit, the couple tries to pretend their relationship is OK, but in the end they break up.

Want to see what else you missed on the episode? Check out the Total Divas recap below to get the scoop on the most shocking moments from the episode and to see what happens when Brie Bella lies to Nikki Bella!

Watch: Brie Bella Wants to Hit the Road on a Scooter

1. Brie Bella Wants to Buy a Scooter:

Brie and husband Daniel Bryan only have one car. So when she WWE commentator Renee Young tells Brie she just got a scooter, she loves the idea. But as much as she loves the idea, Nikki is totally against it. Watch Nikki try to shut down the idea in the video above!

Watch: Paige Hesitates to Open Up on Relationship Issues

2. Paige Is "Scared" to Tell Her Mom About Her Rocky Relationship:

Paige and Kevin have been going through a hard time in their relationship since she told him she didn't want to be engaged. But when her mom comes to town, who doesn't know about their rocky romance, Paige and Kevin decided to pretend everything is OK.

Watch the video above to see Paige admit she's "scared" to tell her mom about her relationship problems!

3. Brie Breaks Her Promise:

Brie ends up telling Nikki she won't get a scooter, but she goes behind her back and does it anyway. Take a look at the video above to see Brie's scooter purchase!


4. Paige Storms Out of Lunch With Her Mom:

Paige is having lunch with her mom when she starts asking about Kevin.

"So where's Kev?" she asks.

When Paige doesn't answer, her mom asks if she's OK.

"You're really worrying me,"  Paige's mom tells her.

Her mom then says she think she needs to "address" some of the "issues" she has.

Paige tells her mom there's no issue and then tells her to "shut up."

"No I'm not gonna shut up this time because I think there's an issue," she says.

Paige then gets up and storms out of the restaurant.

The two eventually make up, but Paige still can't tell her mom about Kevin.

Later on in the episode, Paige and her mom sit down to talk.

That's when Paige tells her mom, "Me and Kevin are having relationship issues."

She apologizes that she wasn't "honest" with her mom, but she didn't want to "upset" her.

Watch: Nikki Bella Freaks After Brie Breaks Her Promise

5. Nikki Discovers Brie Lied to Her:

Brie told Nikki she wouldn't buy a scooter, so when Nikki sees Brie with the scooter, she's not pleased.

Later on, Nikki sits down with Brie and Daniel and they talk things over. Nikki then admits she was being "controlling" and accepts that she's said her peace and "that's all" she can do.


6. Rosa Tries to Prank Bobby:

When Bobby places a video camera in the kitchen, Mandy helps Rosa Mendes try to help her prank him. Rosa eats a ton of food in front of the camera so Bobby can see, but then he tells her he's so busy he didn't even watch! Whoops!


7.  Paige Moves Out of Her Place With Kevin:

After her talk with her mom, Paige reveals that she and Kevin are "officially over."

We then see Paige moving her things out of her place with Kevin and into a spot of her own.

"The relationship ended more positively than I thought it was going to but still it kinda sucks," Paige admits. "I am really bummed about it and I do feel terrible for Kevin. But right now I'm just going to focus on me."