While we're not sure whether we'll ever actually accept the fact that Melissa McCarthy won't be appearing in Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, we can get onboard McCarthy's surging movie career.

The comedienne has two hilarious-looking comedies coming up, the all-female Ghostbusters and The Boss, in which she teams up once again with her real-life husband, Ben Falcone. Anytime these two have worked together—Bridesmaids and Tammy—the results are phenomenal, and the red band trailer for The Boss proves no different.

The Boss tells the story of insanely successful Michelle Darnell, who is the "richest woman in America." Darnell is one powerful woman, but she treats people, including her own employees, terribly, which obviously will backfire down the line. After getting caught for insider trading, Darnell goes to prison only to find out her assets have been drained.

"Get me a new lawyer," she demands of her assistant, played by Kristen Bell.

"You don't have any money you stupid ginger!" her attorney, played by Falcone, replies.

Melissa McCarthy, Peter Dinklage, The Boss


Darnell serves her time and gets released, only to find herself broke, rejected and scorned by those whom she hurt in the past. "Nobody here at this table likes you, so thank you very much and goodbye," a former colleague tells her. Obviously that wasn't going to sit well, so she drops some truth bombs about someone's dead wife.

"Pam was a whore," she blurts out. "She f--ked her way through the whole IT department. The lowest, weirdest, saddest guys."

But nothing is going to stop her from rising back to the top, and she finds the perfect solution: building a Girl Scout cookie empire, or in her case, Darnell's Darling Brownies, with the help of Bell. Somewhere along the lines Peter Dinklage gets involved, but based on the trailer it's unclear how he fits in. What viewers do know, however, is that his character gets into a sword fight with Darnell.

Are you looking forward to The Boss? Sound off in the comments. And to hear why she loves her new role, watch the video below.

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