Why Liam Hemsworth Is the Hottest Hemsworth

This little brother is the sexiest of them all

By Julia Hays Jan 13, 2016 1:00 PMTags
Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, Luke Hemsworth Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Liam Hemsworth, the youngest of the hot Hemsworth brothers, is celebrating his 26th birthday today.

The Hunger Games star has followed in the acting footsteps of big brothers Chris Hemsworth (32) and Luke Hemsworth (35), but that's not the only thing they have in common.

This is a damn fine family.

Liam has spent the last few years making a name for himself as one of Hollywood's most notable young actors, and we're giving him another accolade, too: hottest Hemsworth.

(Insert a million fire emojis here.)

You know you have #HotFamilyProblems when each of your relatives seems to end up on hunky magazine lists, but the time has come for the sexy torch to be passed down to little Liam.

He has earned it. This is why...


Exhibit A: Let's take a (shirtless) look at Liam in The Dressmaker and big (literally big, look at the bulge) bro Chris in the Vacation reboot. Both actors are chiseled hotties, so why are we giving this one to Liam?

He's standing there super-chill about how he looks, like: "here I am. I'm hot." Chris, on the other hand, is clearly showing off his hotness. Look at the pose. Also, the fake bulge situation is great, we won't lie, but Liam's giving us some mystery.

You have to earn the right to see Liam's bulge.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Hugo Boss

Exhibit B: Free concert tickets!

Now that Liam and ex-fiancée Miley Cyrus are reportedly back together, the Australian hunk's got the hookup to one of the funnest shows in town. (You know, when she shows up.)

How much do you want to bet Liam has the lyrics to Bangerz memorized?

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Exhibit C: Liam has a dope squad.

The birthday boy is very friendly with Hunger Games costars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

Seriously, how cute is this trio?

Chris isn't holding hands and giggling with the Avengers. The #FriendshipGoals Liam's crew gives us are super-hot.

Wylder's Pets/Splash News

Exhibit D: Liam shares pics of his rescue pups, and it's adorable.

The hottie is the proud (human) papa to multiple pooches, and as we all know, nothing is sexier than an animal lover.

Plus, he gives them cute monikers... a grown man naming his rescue dog Dora the Explorer? Why are you so perfect, Liam?!

best Mum in the world

A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on

Exhibit E: He is a mama's boy.

The baby of the family, Liam has taken his mother Leonie to red carpet events as his date and shares pics of them together with captions like: "best Mum in the world."

Can we all collectively say this together, please? Awwwwww.


Exhibit F: He is a friend of The Muppets.

A man accepted by Muppets, Liam has helped Gonzo in the love department, and yes as you can see in the above photo, has gazed lovingly at Miss Piggy.

Oh to be looked at by Liam the way he looks at a pig Muppet.

Add this to squad goals or just another reason he's awesome, we're are totally down with the fact that Liam's a Muppets fan.


Exhibit G: The Expendables 2 star is totally ready to Netflix and chill to your favorite guilty pleasure TV show.

His gal-pal Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that Liam has been sucked into her Vanderpump Rules addiction.

"I got him hooked on reality TV."

Instead of forcing someone to get into your favorite shows, it's just easier to have a guy who already knows the latest drama on Lisa Vanderpump's spin-off show.

And if these reasons are not enough to convince you, here are a few photos that may seal the deal on proving Liam's undeniable hotness...

Splash News/Media Mode
Peter Iovino/Relativity Media

You're welcome.