Taylor Swift Glamour Shot

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You all remember the ‪#‎googleyourfirstnameandglamourshot‬ game, correct? We have no idea why, but it's been poppin' off again lately. We're okay with that, however. Type in your first name and the words "Glamour Shot" and watch what photo appears. Ours is horrifying to say the least. Not as cray as the actual Glamour Shots our mom roped us into as a young '90s BB, though. The resurgence of this random Internet trend makes us feel a lot less ashamed about our own snaps. For real you guys, one of our pictures is literally just us wrapped up in a giant baby pink feather boa. The other one includes sequins and a cowboy hat which leads us to believe our mom wandered off into Contempo Casuals (anyone!?) leaving us to choose our own outfits. 

Enough about us, though. Of course, we had to Google all the Glamour Shots of your favorite celebs because we're fly like that. I mean check out what popped up when we Googled Taylor Swift. This picture looks like Agent Scully volunteered to chaperone prom '87 in a cow-littered suburb of Wisconsin. TayTay's looking grateful she made it out of those woods for real. Anyway, peep the rest of the obscure Glamour Shots that popped up when we searched the first names of the stars. You've been warned, dolls. 

Gigi Hadid Glamour Shots

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1. Gigi Hadid. Oh, honey. That gold lamé headpiece is lit AF. Our mom wore a bridesmaid's dress like this to our cousins wedding in the early '90s and this image is serving as a trigger. 

Guy Fieri Glamour Shots

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2. Guy Fieri. Praise. How many autographed Lean Cuisines do you think he's hiding in that hair? 

Selena Gomez Glamour Shots


3. Selena Gomez. Potentially a long lost sister from decades past? Either way, slaying that studded jacket for real. 

Joe Jonas Glamour Shot

4. Joe Jonas. I mean clearly this is just him from a previous life. 

Jennifer Lawrence Glamour Shots

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5. Jennifer Lawrence. THE BEST ONE HANDS DOWN. Actually, we hope that lady keeps her hands where they are. God this is so us in 10 years, though. 

Amy Schumer Glamour Shots

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6. Amy Schumer. JK THIS IS THE BEST ONE HANDS DOWN. Pass the holy water y'all that outfit is breaking like eight commandments.

Channing Tatum Glamour Shot

7. Channing Tatum. Still trying to understand the psychology behind why this was the Glamour Shot that popped up for him. Still living for it, though. Also, what zip code has a Glamour Shots studio that provides a sunset pool with aquatic wildlife!? 


Getty Images; H&M

8. Beyonce. Like, of course, Bey was the only one on this dang list who didn't have a Glamour Shot pop up when we searched her. The Beygency better have gotten a holiday bonus for working overtime to hide them. Well played, B. 

Did you play the Glamour Shots game? Link us to your pic in the comments! We want to see! 

Glamour Shots were bad enough. Here's what Tia and Tamera Mowry would bring back from the '90s! 

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