Khloe Kardashian: 2015 Has Been the "Worst Year of My Life"

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star made her comment on Twitter

By Corinne Heller Nov 26, 2015 6:05 PMTags
Khloe KardashianTommaso Boddi/WireImage

2016 probably can't come sooner enough for Khloe Kardashian.

The 31-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said on Twitter on Wednesday, while chatting with fans, that 2015 has so far been, "hands down," the "worst year of my life lol."

However, she says, she feels "better every day."

The last month or so has been particularly stressful. On Oct. 13, Lamar Odom was hospitalized for a drug overdose after being found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel. Khloe flocked to his bedside at a hospital and helped take care of him.

She later accompanied him as he was transported to a medical center in Los Angeles and has since continued to support him. Amid his medical scare, they also canceled their divorce petition as he continues to heal.

Meanwhile, the ordeal has helped take a toll on her own health; Khloe recently contracted a staph infection.

"Mine was exacerbated by stress which is not a great combo," she said on Twitter on Saturday. "I'm under great medical care & receiving tons of love!"

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In February, Khloe and several family members had another scare: They got into a car accident during a ski trip, just before the 2015 Oscars. No one was hurt.

Also earlier in the year, Khloe and her family dealt with Caitlyn Jenner's public transition from a man to a woman, following her divorce from the reality star's mom, Kris Jenner. Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, documented her journey on the E! docu-series, I Am Cait.

"It was difficult for me that Bruce wasn't honest with me," Khloe told Redbook. The transition had nothing to do with it...I love Caitlyn. She still likes us to call her our dad, but it's hard when, you know, Dad's now wearing a dress."


2015 has also yielded many positive, personal things for Khloe.

She began dating NBA star James Harden and they appear to still be together.

And speaking of health, and after battling weight issues for years, Khloe lost at least 35 pounds and got super fit, with the help of her personal trainer. She also recently released her first solo book, Strong Looks Better Naked.

"I didn't think I was the fat sister until people would call me that," Khloe told E! NewsMaria Menounos at a signing for the book.

"It did make me strong for sure and being able to endure that stuff but it also makes me realize how like f--ked up people are," she said, adding, "I understand why some people succumb to eating disorders or just the peer pressure, I do get that. But I'm proud of myself that I didn't and I'm able to walk away and actually say it made me stronger."

Khloe is currently looking forward to Thanksgiving with her family. And despite her own illness, she is determined to take on what could be quite the challenging task, given the size of the Kardashian and Jenner clan.

"Happy thanksgiving!! Up early cooking away for my entire family for this afternoon. Started a few things last night. Who's cooking already?" she tweeted on Thursday.

A tad lethargic from the medication I'm on but I am determined," she said. "Cooking is my therapy. Well being a hostess is!"

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